3 Top Trends in Innovation for 2019

2018 saw incredible innovations across a wide range of fields. For my fellow technology and innovation enthusiasts, 2019 promises to keep this trend alive. Let’s dive in and take a look at 3 especially exciting trends to look forward to this year.

  • Machine Learning will continue to expand the capacities artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will continue to make huge leaps in 2019. This is largely due to both faster processing and larger data sets.

Often referred to as machine learning, this increases the abilities of tools using artificial intelligence.  From healthcare to government agencies and the energy sector, artificial intelligence’s impact will continue to grow.

  • Quantum Computing (also known as Supercomputing)

One of truly incredible developments in technology is Quantum Computing. This is essentially processing data at speeds previously not possible.

For example, Google’s super computer known as the D-Wave 2X quantum computing machine has been reported to process algorithms 1 million times faster than a traditional chip used in computers.

  • AR and VR moving into professional fields

VR headsets for video games are not particularly uncommon. However, one of the most exciting trends for 2019 involves the application of augmented and virtual reality for training highly skilled professionals.

Surgery simulations, identifying vulnerabilities in viruses, and training police officers for dangerous situations are just a few of the many uses for Augmented and Virtual reality in training capacities.

Giving individuals hands on training before they ever see a patient or dangerous encounter can theoretically produce better outcomes.

2019 will bring about incredible advances in technology and innovation. While there many that didn’t make the list, be sure to check back regularly as we cover new innovations and their applications.

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