Designers and innovators to follow in 2019

Last post we talked about some of the 2018s top innovators. Now let’s transition to 2019 and take a peek at some of the top innovators for the new year and what they are working on.

DioWeisler: CEO – HP

3D printing looks to have a huge impact on 2019 and beyond. HP is the one of the leading companies in the 3D printing industry, and CEO DioWeisler has big plans for this year. Expanding to china will result in increased manufacturing and this brings about continued innovation.  Look for Dio and HP to continue to push the industry forward.

Dr. Demis Hassabis: CEO and Co-founder – Deep Mind

We previously spoke about Artificial intelligence and its far reaching impacts. Recently acquired by google, DeepMind is one of the top companies in the field of AI, and Dr. Hassabis is leading his company towards big things in 2019. Look for DeepMind to lead in applications of AI involving health, society, and ethics.

John Martinis: Quantum Ai – Google

John is what you might call a genius. From supercomputing to artificial intelligence, John leads Google’s quantum computer effort. With Google claiming to be at the forefront of the quantum computing race, look for John to continue to lead in one of the most impactful industries of the future.

Catherine Wu: Researcher, Dana-Farber institute & Harvard Medical School.

Catherine makes our list for a slightly different reason than the three previous members. Catherine is leading one the most promising studies for a cancer vaccine. More research will need to be done, but her results are extremely promising and provide evidence that a vaccine can be used to treat tumors. Look for Catherine to hopefully make headlines in 2019 as her work could be an incredible breakthrough in the BioTech field.

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