Innovation Spotlight: patient-specific 3D Wearable.

I have touched on 3D printing in prior posts. As the technology moves forward, so expands the scope of possibilities. One of the most impactful arenas for 3D printing is the production of patient specific wearable.  The Cleveland clinic ranked patient specific wearable the most exciting health care innovation for 2019. 

patient-specific wearables encompass a variety of external and internal medical devices.

Ranging from custom built prosthetics to stints for blood vessels, this application of 3D printing appears to be just getting started.

Here are a few incredible examples of the products being produced.

Patient specific casts: These casts can adjust to swelling, provide more hygienic situations due to increased air flow, minimize distortion due to better fit, and can be produced in 20 minutes by someone with little experience.

Patient specific prosthetics: A more natural appearance, more efficient practicality, better fit, and less discomfort.

Patient specific stents: These are great options for individuals who need a stent but for whom traditional sizes won’t work. Stents can be produced in required dimensions to ensure proper fit and performance.

Patient specific organs: One of the truly amazing innovations in medical 3D printing is the creation of organs. While currently only organs that are flat or hollow such as skin and the bladder have been successfully implanted and used, more complex organs could be here soon.

The possibilities for this field seem to be limited only by human imagination and innovation.

Potentially life ending injuries and conditions could be cured by the production of new organs, medical devices, and much more.

If you or someone you know has had an experience with this incredible technology, I would love to hear from you.

Have a concern about the ethics of this process? Tell me what you think doctors and developers should keep in mind as they go about this process.


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