Year in review: 2018’s top innovators

In a year full of innovation, some individuals stand above the rest. Here are our top five innovators for 2018.

Prerna Gupta: CEO – Hooked

Prerna’s revolutionary app Hooked claims to be “redefining fiction for the snapchat generation”.

Topping the charts with over 40 million downloads, this app sends fictional stories one message at a time to users. Better yet, it caps the daily messages to help build suspense.

Jessica Matthews: Founder and CEO – Uncharted Power

Jessica began her innovative career at Harvard. Her team developed soccer ball that uses kinetic energy to charge a battery, with the goal of creating a product that could be beneficial to the developing world.

Jessica then launched Uncharted Power, with the mission of making energy convenient for people across the world.

Suman Kanuganti: CEO and co-founder – Aira

Suman and his team are giving sight to blind

By using a pair of glasses that provides a live feed to a human agent, the wearer can receive real time descriptions of what is happening in front of them.

From taking back mobility in hazardous locations to daily tasks made easier, Aira is giving visually disabled individuals a new level of autonomy. Aira plans to begin using artificial intelligence, giving users a choice between a virtual assistant or a real human agent.

Rachel Benyola: Founder – AnneeLondon

Rachel is a member of Forbes 30 under 30, a list of the most impactful creative disrupters in the US and Canada.

She landed on the list after creating a foldable bike helmet that is easy and coinvent to carry for cyclists.

Rachel wanted to create a stylish and safe alternative to clunky helmets so that cyclists would actually wear them.

These individuals brought incredible change to their industries in 2018, be sure to follow them on their social media platforms to stay up to date on their newest innovations.

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