Design Museum

Reflecting on last year, I had my visit to the ‘Design Museum.’ I have never been to such a place; I was amazed by the architecture, interior design and the cleanliness of the facility. As a society member, my curiosity of how we evolved technologically was satisfied after the visit to the Design Museum. I figured how we have evolved to become a society that technology and design thinking are key components for operating a business in the 21st century.

The design museum took me back a few years how many things seemed impossible and how they have been accomplished to become an essential part of our life — modern design focus on utilizing technology to develop products and services that solve human problems. Designers through past artifacts understand how to shape different products and services.  

The Design Museum considers, design as a continuous evolution of subject under exploration through research activities, exhibitions, and collection. However, I feel the design is a way of understanding the world and taking part in changing it.

I realized that you could buy items in a design Museum, unlike other Museums. I purchased some equipment to celebrate the thinking behind the designs. The internal design value of the products and the processes they had undergone behind them was a key motivator for me and my future innovation.

At the Museum there were different kinds of designs around the technology world and healthcare. For instance, cheap laptops for African children. In healthcare, we had portable operating theaters, 3-D printed organs suited for warzones and camps. These designs were not for sale, but for guiding people to solve their problems. The educational value of the tour taught me that technology is more than a gimmick. The Design Museum offered me a real-life experiential learning opportunity to solve problems and harness my creativity for future innovations.

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