The bright idea sprint was held at the beginning of this year January 19th and 20th this was right after the trade fair. The bright idea sprint is an annual competition meant to provide students from various courses a chance to develop an idea, have it assessed and the best wins a prize. As a group, we were proud but not satisfied as being among the top hundred in over 400 participants. However, this was just the tip of an iceberg, and we had lots to do.

So as to assess and improve our weaknesses and flaws, our team decided to part of the Kingston University sprint weekend in-depth workshop. The workshop had different topics for the audience. First, we learned about creating a value proposition, but we had covered this in class. However, this was important to me. They introduced the business model canvas, and we were to match our business against the nine models. The experts gave us feedback and recommendations, and we realized what we were missing. Second, the workshop educated us on how to design our business plans with the assistance of professionals. We were able to strengthen our ideas and networks with other experienced professionals. Third, the judges insisted on the significance of a strong pitch emphasizing the need for thoroughly understanding your business. We were allocated four minutes to pitch and answer to the audience queries.

After the workshop, I realized that learning is a continuous process that gives an individual a networking opportunity. At the workshop, people share ideas, evaluate/explore ideas and they may end up partnering if the products are closely related or substitutes. From experience my employees and I will continue participating in workshops and competitions as it is suitable for business performance, employees learning new skills that would enhance top-notch customer service leading to business growth. It is important for others to believe in your idea. This can be achieved through name, marketing strategy, target customer, product description, among others. This was the greatest lesson I learned for my future business.

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