The Final Dragons’ Den

It was the end of the module having worked on Shakesy from October to March. I could still not figure out how time had passed. We started from scratch and introduced a new product to the market, and we were allocated 5 minutes as team Asocial to sell our idea to the judges. The previous week, we had a mock presentation; this means most of the faces were familiar, so our anxiety was at its lowest.

The time was insufficient for the presentation, so we were required to draft a plan. First, we defined who we were and what our goals were. Second, we prepared for the pitch using our business plan. Our product evolved from Trusteam Mug to Shakesy Health Starter Kit. Explaining all these to the judges in under 10 minutes was quite a challenge.

Comments, criticism, and feedback received during the mock process were quite significant in improving our final presentation. Feedback was based on the problem, the journey, marketing, finances, and presentation. We practiced through the feedback and judge comments and utilized our allocated time well. Working on the proposed changes together as a team (Me, Toon, Fluern, and Bharat) made our second presentation more appealing to the judges.

I learned the importance of teamwork for the success of my career and business. It was through teamwork we generated the idea of designing a product that could provide customers with fast, healthy food. At one point I was almost giving up, during the journey of our product, it was through teamwork that my morale was rejuvenated. Through the pivotal support of our team, we were able to meet deadlines. Work was divided among us, making it be accomplished faster and more efficiently. Another vital lesson I learned is the importance of feedback in making decisions. Feedback motivates and improves performance. All these valuable lessons were vital, and I am implementing them in my daily endeavors.

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