Trade Fair

On this big day, we arrived very early in the morning of 24th January 2019 for our first Kingston Business School Trade fair. Fortunately, unlike other groups, we had our booth and products prepared. Our product was simple but of greater value to society, so finding a manufacturer was quite hassle-free. The cost of production was relatively cheap at below $50. Aiming at getting feedback and connections we gave our customers firsthand experience of our product.

The trade fair started as early as 10:00 a.m. up until late at 5:30 p.m. Many of our targeted customers admired our product, and we were able to sell more than 20 units of our product. The proceeds of the sales were deposited in our group bank account which would be later used for product improvement, marketing, branding, and other miscellaneous.

 We received criticism and approvals which would enhance us to improve on our product. We were able to attract a different segment of customers who we had not contemplated. There were prizes for winners which, unfortunately, we were not wearing our lucky pants we did not scoop any of the three awards. The judges were lenient and fair, and the best team carried the day. The judges gave us feedback and connections; we discovered we had a lot to improve.

We had a product critique session after the trade fair. As the photographer, I noticed our booth was not organized as compared to the neighboring booth. I discovered we had too many printed materials that could overwhelm the attendees and we had to reorganize which wasted our time.

The experience was so crucial for my career as it gave me the opportunity to present a product, talk face-to-face with prospects and customers and bring our product to life. I learned a few tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of a trade fair. For example, getting the right spot for your booth, being active, always smiling and wearing a name tag, and collecting as many contacts as possible were the Do’s. For the Don’ts, forgetting to observe your body language and doing things construed as unprofessional in the booth such as drinking and chatting. All in all, it was a good day!

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