Late last year a women’s entrepreneurship workshop was organized in Kingston University. The inspiring and well-organized event was on Mid-October, and my friend attended. My friend shared her experience from the event and had recorded the whole event from 10.00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Many inspiring guests talked about their experience in the business world. They elaborated the challenges they experienced in their start-ups and how they sailed through their problems to be where they are.

Janja Popovic was among the speakers. She is a well-established BA holder in Fashion and design with vast experience in the field. She was a student at Kingston University where she obtained her Master’s Degree in managing the creative environment. She has won several prices with her idea of Ayswap which minimizes the use of plastic for coffee cups. The coffee cups are reusable reducing the costs for coffee enterprises by over 30% margin. For instance, in 2018 she was chosen as one of the top 10 female entrepreneurs by the London Mayor.

The London Mayor was present at the event, and she gave the afternoon presentation. We were educated on how to come up with our ideas by identifying a problem, varying thinking, and coming up with an answer. Such workshops would be essential in cultures where women are not given opportunities to grow as they would inspire them to work hard and persevere.

The qualities I learned from the video of a woman entrepreneur are also applicable to the men entrepreneurs.  They were ambition patience, hard work, innovator, and patience. The workshop was good for networking whereby women met and exchanged their ideas.

Attending such activities inspires you and keeps you full of energy to work hard and persevere. I am so happy to see that women in my country are working hard and taking part in improving the economy.

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