During the first semester, it was quite a bumpy road we were required to find a problem that people face through their lives and propose a solution through a prototype. We had prepared for the process through brainstorming, and bodystorming and we still felt unprepared. On December 7 last year on a Friday, we were supposed to present our business idea to the respected panel of judges.

The panel noticed how anxious we were and they encouraged us to engage our audience and visualize the success of our innovative idea. Thanks to him, we were able to deliver an impeccable presentation to the best of our ability. We compressed the two months of preparation into 5 minutes, which barely felt like an actual 5 minutes. We really enjoyed the presentation and yearned if we had frequent presentations to debilitate our anxiety and fears.

As a team, we had had frequent meetings, but we still felt perturbed. On the D-day, we met for hours but still; we felt we would be caught offside. Most of our teammates kept on messing on simple things. The Dragons’ Den was significant as it enabled us to get feedback, mentorship, and criticism. This was essential as it enhanced our understanding as to whether our innovative idea was feasible, realistic and whether it would generate revenues. They picked our ideas apart, which pointed on areas we were weak and required improvement.

We missed a lot of meaningful information even when working as a team. The judges prompted us on the inadequacies and the shortcomings they would have on our idea. The team embraced all the feedback, and we worked on it to improve our product to achieve our goals and solve a world problem. The judges gave us feedback on the basis of creativity, competitors, and distribution channels this will be helpful in creating a product/service in the future.

To sum it all, this incident has been part of my life as a public speaker but to be honest, this was the most nerve-wracking presentation I have ever experienced. This gave me the experience that there is still room for improvement. I am looking forward to my next presentation of my product at the trade fair.

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